§19-21-40. Consolidation of adjacent districts.

Any two or more adjacent districts, whether incorporated in the same or different counties, may be united and consolidated in one district, and such new district and the board of supervisors thereof shall have the rights, powers and privileges of any districts organized under this article. In order to effect such consolidation, the board of supervisors of each of the original districts shall call an election in the same manner as elections of supervisors, stating the time, place and object of such election. If a majority of the acreage voting in each district vote in favor of the proposition to unite and consolidate such districts, the board of supervisors of each district shall present a petition to the circuit court of the county in which the greatest amount of the land is located, accompanied with a complete return of such election, in which petition shall be stated the name of the original district, when established, the names of the owners of the lands and boundaries of the district. When such petition has been filed, the circuit clerk shall give notice of such filing in the manner provided for giving notice in section four of this article, which notice shall state the contents of such petition and the objects sought and the term of court at which such matter is to be heard. Any person owning land in either of such districts, on or before the first day of such court, may file objections to the regularity or sufficiency of any of the proceedings had in the premises, and if such objections are overruled, or if no objections are made, the court shall enter an order that any two or more of the several districts so asking shall be united and consolidated as one district, under some appropriate designation, with all the rights, powers and privileges of such districts organized under this article, and the lands so included in the new district shall be subject to all liens, liabilities and obligations of the original districts, and a new board of supervisors shall be elected, as now provided in case of election of supervisors, and all orders made in regard to extension of time, boundaries, or united districts shall be spread on the records of the circuit court, and a certified copy thereof shall be filed with the recorder of deeds of each county in which any of such lands are located.