§19-21B-13. Discontinuance of watershed improvement districts.

At any time after five years from the organization of a watershed improvement district, any twenty-five owners of land lying within the limits of the district, or a majority of such owners if their number be less than fifty, or any municipality or county any part of which lies within the district, may file a petition with the governing body of the district, praying that the existence of the district be discontinued. The petition shall state the reasons for discontinuance, and that all obligations of the district have been met.

The governing body of the district may conduct public hearings on the petition to assist it in making a determination.

If it is found that all the obligations of the district have been met, the governing body shall consider the question of whether soil conservation or the conservation development, utilization, or disposal of water will be promoted by the continuance of the district. If the governing body shall determine that none of these objectives will be promoted, it shall so notify the state soil conservation committee which may declare the district to be discontinued and shall record such fact in its official minutes. Following such entry in its official minutes, the committee shall certify the fact of the discontinuance to the Secretary of State and shall furnish a copy of such certification for recordation to the clerk of the county court in each county in which any portion of the district is situated; and the district shall thereupon cease to exist.

Bill History For §19-21B-13

1957 Regular Session
Senate Bill 18