§19-2A-9. Appeal from order of commissioner.

Any party feeling aggrieved by the entry of a final order by the commissioner, affecting him or it, may present a petition in writing to the Supreme Court of Appeals, or to a judge thereof in vacation, within thirty days after the entry of such order, praying for the suspension of such final order. The applicant shall deliver a copy of such petition to the commissioner before presenting the same to the court or the judge. The court or judge shall fix a time for the hearing on the application, but such hearing, unless by agreement of the parties, shall not be held, sooner than five days after its presentation; and notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be forthwith delivered to the commissioner, so that the commissioner may be represented at such hearing. If the court or the judge after such hearing be of the opinion that a suspending order should issue, the court or the judge may require bond, upon such conditions and in such penalty, and impose such terms and conditions upon the petitioner, as are just and reasonable. For such hearing the commissioner shall file with the clerk of said court all papers, documents, evidence, and records or certified copies thereof as were before the commissioner at the hearing or investigation resulting in the entry of the order from which the petitioner appeals. The commissioner shall file with the court before the day fixed for the final hearing a written statement of his reasons for the entry of such order, and after arguments by counsel the court shall decide the matter in controversy as may seem to be just and right.

Bill History For §19-2A-9

1949 Regular Session
House Bill 351