§19-2F-4. Conduct of referendum.

(a) The Council shall notify producers of the date, hours and polling places for voting in the referendum, along with the amount and duration of the proposed assessment, the manner of collecting the assessment and the general purposes for which the assessment will be expended. The notice must be published no less than three times in two newspapers of general circulation within this state and the Council may give notice of the referendum in other publications and at places the Council considers appropriate.

(b) The Council shall provide ballots and polling places in each county. All cattle producers who may be subject to the proposed assessment are eligible to vote in the referendum upon presentation of proof showing them to be bona fide cattle producers subject to the assessment. The referendum is decided by a majority of the votes cast.

(c) The Commissioner shall canvass, tabulate and publicly announce the results of the referendum no later than five days after the end of the election. The Commissioner must preserve all ballots for one year after the date of the referendum.

(d) All expense and costs necessary to conduct a referendum are bourne by the Council.

Bill History For §19-2F-4

1983 Regular Session
House Bill 1294