§19-2H-4. Application for license.

(a) A person desiring to operate a captive cervid farming facility in this state must submit an application for a license to the department. The department shall provide the forms and instructions for the filing of applications.

(b) The application form shall require submission of the following information:

(1) The mailing address of the proposed captive cervid farming facility and the size, location and an adequate legal description of the facility;

(2) The number of each species of cervid to be included in the proposed facility;

(3) The biosecurity measures to be utilized;

(4) The proposed method of flushing wild cervids from the enclosure, if applicable;

(5) The proposed record-keeping system;

(6) The method of verification that all wild cervids have been removed;

(7) The current zoning of the property proposed for the facility; and

(8) Any other information requested by the department.

(c) The application shall be accompanied by the annual license fee as follows:

(1) Class one license. -- For a facility to breed and propagate captive cervids, and create cervid byproducts, for sale to others, $375; or

(2) Class two license. -- For a facility to breed, propagate, harvest or slaughter captive cervids, create cervid byproducts, permit hunting of captive cervids or sell venison to others, $750.