§19-32-5. Advisory board.

(a) There is created within the Department of Agriculture the Aquaculture Advisory Board, to consist of the following representatives:

(1) The Commissioner of Agriculture or the commissioner's designee who shall serve as chairman of the board;

(2) A representative from the Division of Natural Resources;

(3) A representative from the Department of Environmental Protection;

(4) A representative from the West Virginia University Extension Service;

(5) Two industry representatives currently conducting for-profit aquaculture or aquaculture related activities in West Virginia; and

(6) One at-large member appointed at the discretion of the commissioner.

(b) Clerical and other assistance shall be provided by the Department of Agriculture.

(c) The board shall review state and federal policies, laws and regulations affecting aquaculture and recommend changes which may be necessary or useful to carry out the purposes of this article.

(d) The board shall present its recommendations to the Department of Agriculture.

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