§19-36-1. Legislative purposes; authority.

Every year, in rapidly increasing numbers, residents and nonresidents of the State of West Virginia are enjoying the recreational value of the state’s many agritourism venues. The tourist trade is of vital importance to the State of West Virginia and the services offered by agritourism significantly contribute to the revenue enterprise and economic development of the state. The Legislature recognizes that there are inherent risks in the recreational activities provided by agritourism which should be understood by each participant. It is essentially impossible for agritourism to eliminate these risks. It is the purpose of this article to define those areas of responsibility and affirmative acts for which agritourism is liable for loss, damage, or injury.

The Commissioner of Agriculture is hereby authorized to, and shall devise means of, advancing agritourism in the state, and in the performance of such duty, he or she shall have the authority to call upon any department, division, or officer of the state or county to cooperate with him or her in promoting agritourism in the state.

The Commissioner of Agriculture, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce, shall promulgate rules in accordance with chapter 29A of this code for the promotion, marketing, and regulation of agritourism business.