§19-9-1. Definitions.

The following words, as used in this article, or in any rule or regulation authorized thereunder, unless the context otherwise requires or a different meaning is specifically prescribed, shall have the following meanings:

(a) "Commissioner," the state commissioner of agriculture;

(b) "Animal," any domestic equine or bovine animal, sheep, goat, swine, dog, cat or poultry;

(c) "Owner," any person who owns, leases or hires any domestic animal from another, or who allows a domestic animal habitually to remain about the premises inhabited by such person;

(d) "Premises," is to be taken in its widest sense, and shall include land, any structure, building, pen, coop or inclosure thereon, and any vehicle, car or vessel used in transporting passengers, goods or animals by land or water;

(e) "Communicable disease," actinobacillosis, actinomycosis, anaplasmosis, anthrax, apthous fever (foot-and-mouth disease), aujesky's disease (mad itch), bacillary hemoglobinuria, blackleg, brucellosis (cattle, swine and goats), contagious ecthyma (sheep sore mouth), contagious pleuropneumonia, dourine (horses), encephalomyelitis, equine encephalomyelitis, erysipelas (swine), glanders, hemorrhagic enteritis in swine, hemorrhagic septicemia (shipping fever), hog cholera, influenza (horses and swine), infectious equine anemia, infectious keratitis, Johne's disease (paratuberculosis in cattle), laryngo tracheitis (poultry), leptospirosis, listerellosis, malignant oedema, necrobacillosis, newcastle disease (avian pneumonencephalitis), psittacosis, pullorum disease, pox (chicken, cow, swine and horse), Q fever, rabies, rinderpest, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (in rodents and dogs), salmonellosis, scabies (mange -- in all species), tick fever, tularemia, trichinosis, trichomoniasis, tuberculosis, vesicular exanthema (swine), vesicular stomatitis, vibrio foetus, X-disease (hyperkeratosis), or any other disease which has been or may hereafter be adjudged and proclaimed by the commissioner or the bureau of animal industry of the United States Department of Agriculture to be contagious, infectious or otherwise transmissible or communicable.

Bill History For §19-9-1

1949 Regular Session
Senate Bill 148