§19-9-19. Domestic animal within quarantined area running at large.

When any quarantine shall be established under this article, it shall be unlawful for the owner of any domestic animal within the limits of the quarantined area to allow such domestic animal to run at large during the continuance of the quarantine. Any animal so found running at large shall be taken up by any constable or deputy sheriff of the county knowing the facts, or by an agent or employee of the commissioner, and kept at the expense of the owner until the lifting of the quarantine. For such service he shall be entitled to $1 for each animal. Each animal shall be kept until such fee and all cost of keeping such animal shall have been paid. If not paid within two weeks after the lifting of the quarantine, the animal may be sold as provided in section seventeen of this article; and after the deduction of all fees, costs and expenses, the residue shall be paid to the owner, if known, and if not known, shall be paid into the State Treasury. This section shall not apply to dogs, or affect the special provisions of this article with reference to dogs.