§19-9-21. Animals entering state without health certificate.

It shall be the duty of the owner or owners of any domestic animal, which is to enter this state without a certificate of health, to notify the commissioner in writing stating when, where and how the animal is to be brought into this state. Such notice must reach the commissioner before the animal arrives at the point of destination. Any animal entering the state without a certificate of health may be placed in quarantine by the commissioner under such rules and regulations as he may approve, and held therein at the expense of the owner, and if such animal is found infected with any communicable disease, it shall, at the option of the owner, be killed, without compensation to the owner, or continued in quarantine at the expense of the owner. The expenses incurred in providing such animal or animals with proper quarters, food and water may be recovered by the commissioner from the owner in a suit in the name of the state, as other debts are by law collectible. It shall be unlawful to remove any such domestic animal from quarantine unless it shall have passed a satisfactory examination, and the tuberculin test in the case of bovine animals for dairy or breeding purposes, and unless the charge for the quarters, feed, water and attendance have been paid to the person entitled thereto.