§19-9-23. Regulation of imported dairy or breeding animals.

No domestic animal that has been, or is to be, used for dairy or breeding purposes shall be imported or brought into this state except under the following regulations: There shall be provided for each bovine animal a health certificate and a tuberculin test chart, each in triplicate, from a veterinary inspector of the United States bureau of animal industry, or from the state veterinarian, or duly authorized and officially certified veterinarian of the state whence the animal has been transported or moved. The originals of the certificate and of the chart shall be attached to the waybill, when the animal shall be transported by common carrier, and the duplicates sent so as to reach the office of the commissioner before the animal reaches the point of destination, and the triplicates shall be retained by the veterinarian issuing the certificate. If the animal be brought into the state other than by common carrier, the office of the commissioner shall be notified before such animal shall be brought in. The original certificate and chart shall be in the possession of the person who shall bring such animal into the state, and shall be surrendered to any officer or agent of the commissioner on demand. The duplicates thereof shall be sent to the commissioner as aforesaid. Such notice to the commissioner shall state when, where and how the animal is to be brought into the state. Such certificates and chart shall show that the animal is free from Texas fever ticks, and all communicable diseases. The chart must show that an approved preparation of tuberculin has been used, and that an examination and tuberculin test have been carried out in a manner approved by the commissioner: Provided, however, That from herds which are recorded and certified as free from tuberculosis, either by the state veterinarian or other accredited authority of such state as the commissioner may see fit to recognize for this purpose, or may be so recorded and certified by the United States bureau of animal industry, animals may be permitted to enter the state upon such herd certificate in lieu of the tuberculin test chart hereinbefore required.