§19-9-32. Euthanasia of diseased animals; supervision; certificate of euthanasia.

After the agreement described in section twenty-eight of this article has been executed, the appraisal has been made and the certificate of appraisal issued, the commissioner or the commissioner's agent shall have the animal euthanized and the carcass disposed of in accordance with the meat inspection regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture, or in such manner as the commissioner prescribes. The officer supervising the euthanasia shall immediately include in the certificate of appraisal provided for in section thirty-one of this article a certificate of euthanasia stating that the officer has witnessed the euthanasia of each of the animals; identifying the place and date of the euthanasia; certifying that the number, age, description and brand or mark correspond to those in the certificate of appraisal; stating the result of the post-mortem examination; the disposition made of the carcass; and the amount paid to the veterinarian, which amount shall be paid to the owner and credited on the amount of appraisal: Provided, That in case animals are euthanized as having tuberculosis, the appraisal certificate shall be credited in the manner provided in section thirty-six of this article.

The euthanasia may be supervised and certified by the commissioner; any of the commissioner's agents; or any person with the authority of an agent or officer of the United States Department of Agriculture. The commissioner may prescribe other requirements for the certificates or the affidavits required by this article, and may make and enforce rules governing the handling, shipping and euthanasia of such animals.

§19-9-32. Euthanasia of diseased animals; supervision; certificate of euthanasia.

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