§19-9-35. Tests for bovine tuberculosis; disposition of infected bovine animals.

The commissioner or the commissioner's agent is authorized to test with tuberculin any bovine animal kept within the state, subject to rules prescribed by the commissioner. The tuberculin test shall be applied to bovine animals at times designated by the commissioner for the control and eradication of bovine tuberculosis, and all cows whose milk is sold for human consumption or manufacture, and all uncastrated beef animals, shall be tested with tuberculin to the greatest extent possible.

When a bovine animal has a clearly defined reaction to such test, as prescribed by the commissioner's rules, the animal shall be considered infected with bovine tuberculosis and shall be marked or branded upon the left jaw with a capital "T" not less than two inches high, one and one-half inches wide, with a mark one fourth of an inch wide. Such branding shall not constitute cruelty to animals within the meaning of the penal laws of the state.

All bovine animals within the state which are deemed to have tuberculosis, either as a result of a physical examination or the tuberculin test, shall be euthanized, and if the owner of any such animal demands indemnity, the owner shall execute the agreement provided for in section twenty-eight of this article; such animal shall be appraised as provided in section thirty of this article; an appraisal certificate shall be issued as provided in section thirty-one of this article; and the euthanasia shall be supervised and the certificate shall be issued as provided in section thirty-two of this article.

Bill History For §19-9-35

1955 Regular Session
Senate Bill 253