§20-2-42j. Class X resident hunting, fishing and trapping license.

A Class X license is a resident hunting, fishing and trapping license and entitles the licensee to hunt and trap for all legal species of wild animals and wild birds, to fish for all legal species of fish except trout and to take frogs in all counties of the state, except as prohibited by the rules of the Director or Natural Resources Commission and when additional licenses, stamps or permits are required. No additional fees shall be required of Class X licensees for a Class CS stamp. To fish for trout, a Class X licensee must purchase and carry a valid Class O stamp or Class O-L license. The Class X license shall be issued only to residents or aliens lawfully residing in the United States who have been domiciled residents of West Virginia for a period of thirty consecutive days or more immediately prior to the date of their application for a license. The fee for the license is $33. The portion of the Class X license fee equal to the annual fee for the Class CS stamp shall be designated as conservation stamp revenue and expended pursuant to section nine, article two-b of this code. This is a base license and does not require the purchase of a prerequisite license to participate in the activities specified in this section, except as noted.

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