§21-1-4. Annual report to Governor; collection of statistical information.

It shall be the duty of the commissioner of labor to collect, compile and present to the Governor, on or before December 1, of each year, an annual report, with statistical details relating to all departments of labor and the industrial interests of the state, especially in relation to the financial, social, educational and sanitary condition of the laboring classes, and all other statistical information that may tend to increase the prosperity of the productive industries of the state. He shall also make such suggestions as he may deem advisable as to legislation tending to promote and increase the prosperity of the industrial establishments of the state, and to protect the lives and health and promote the prosperity of the persons employed therein. All state, county, district and city officers shall furnish the commissioner of labor, upon request, all statistical information relating to labor which may be in their possession as such officers.

Bill History For §21-1-4

1949 Regular Session
Senate Bill 124