§21-1A-7. Suits by or against labor organizations.

(a) Suits for violation of contracts between an employer and a labor organization, or between labor organizations, may be brought in any circuit court of this state having jurisdiction of the parties.

(b) It shall be unlawful for any labor organization to engage in any activity or conduct defined as an unfair labor practice in subdivision (4), subsection (b), section four of this article; and whoever shall be injured in his business or property by reason of any such violation may sue therefor in the circuit court of any county wherein such unfair labor practice occurred, and shall recover the damages by him sustained and the cost of the suit.

(c) Any labor organization and any employer shall be bound by the acts of its agents. Notwithstanding any other provision of law or rule to the contrary, any such labor organization may sue or be sued as an entity and in behalf of the employees whom it represents. Any money judgment against a labor organization in a suit under this section shall be enforceable only against the organization as an entity and against its assets, and shall not be enforceable against any individual member or his assets.

(d) For the purposes of actions and proceedings by or against labor organizations, the circuit courts of this state shall be deemed to have jurisdiction of a labor organization in the county in which such organization maintains its principal offices, or in any county in which its duly authorized officers or agents are engaged in representing or acting for employee members.

(e) The service of summons, subpoena, or other legal process of any circuit court of this state upon an officer or agent of a labor organization, in his capacity as such, shall constitute service upon the labor organization.

Bill History For §21-1A-7

1971 Regular Session
House Bill 691