§21-6-4. Contents of work permit; forms; filing; records; revocation.

(a) A work permit issued under this article shall set forth the full name and the date and place of birth of the child, with the name and address of his or her parents or parent, or guardian or custodian. It shall certify that the child has submitted for review proofs of age, school attendance except as provided in §21-6-3 of this code, prospective employment, brief description of job and parental or other consent required in §21-6-3 of this code.

(b) The State Commissioner of Labor shall prepare printed forms for work permits and furnish them to the superintendents of schools in the counties of the state and make them available to all others authorized to issue work permits pursuant to §21-6-3 of this code by posting on the Division of Labor’s website or other method as determined pursuant to rule. A copy of each permit issued shall be forwarded to the State Commissioner of Labor within four days after its issuance. A record of all permits granted and of all applications denied shall be kept in the office of the issuing officer or other person issuing the permit.

(c) The State Commissioner of Labor may at any time revoke a permit if in his or her judgment it was improperly issued, and for this purpose he or she is authorized to investigate the true age of any child employed, to hear evidence, and to require the production of relevant books and documents. If a permit is revoked, the issuing officer shall be notified of the action, and the child may not thereafter be employed or permitted to labor until a new permit has been legally obtained or until the child is to be outside the operation of this article.

Bill History For §21-6-4

1975 Regular Session
Senate Bill 487
1949 Regular Session
Senate Bill 124
1939 Regular Session
House Bill 234