§21A-7-8. Appeal from deputy's decision.

A claimant, last employer or other interested party, may file an appeal from the decision of the deputy within eight calendar days after notice of the decision has been delivered or mailed to the claimant and last employer as provided in section four of this article. The period within which an appeal from the decision of the deputy may be filed shall be stated in such notice. The decision of the deputy shall be final and benefits shall be paid or denied in accordance therewith unless an appeal is filed within such time.

Upon appeal from the determination of a deputy, an individual shall be entitled to a fair hearing and reasonable opportunity to be heard before an appeal tribunal as provided in section seven of this article.

Within eight days after receipt by the board of notice of appeal from the decision of a deputy, the board shall fix the time and place for hearing such appeal, and notify the claimant, last employer, and the commissioner, ten days in advance of the date set for hearing.

Upon consideration of all evidence the appeal tribunal shall make a decision within twenty-one days after the date of the hearing and shall notify the claimant, last employer, and the commissioner of its findings and decision.

Bill History For §21A-7-8

1978 Regular Session
House Bill 1442