§22-25-6. Application review and authority to enter into environmental performance agreement.

(a) The secretary shall review all completed applications within a reasonable period of time. If the secretary determines that the application meets the requirements for the program, the secretary shall notify the applicant in writing, and the application shall be incorporated into a written agreement. If the secretary determines the application does not meet the requirements of the program, the secretary shall notify the applicant in writing and shall provide an adequate opportunity for the applicant to address the outstanding items.

(b) The secretary may enter into one or more agreements with a participant as necessary to implement the provisions of this article. The agreement shall describe the requirements for continued participation and incentives to be provided to the participant.

(c) The secretary shall not enter into any environmental performance agreement that would:

(1) Violate or waive any specific statutory provision;

(2) Waive any federal regulation, unless specifically authorized by the federal government;

(3) Result in an increase in emissions, discharges, or other releases above those allowable under the otherwise applicable regulatory requirements; or

(4) Address past or ongoing violations or noncompliance by a qualified applicant.

(d) The following documents shall be made available for public review:

(1) The application, including documentation of compliance with environmental laws and permits applicable to the facility over the last three years, information regarding an appropriate environmental management system, a description of the current status of proposed performance indicators, and an outline of the measures by which the program will be evaluated;

(2) The executive's determination regarding their application; and

(3) The agreement described in subsections (a) and (b) of this section.

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