§22-28-1. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds and declares that:

(a) There is a growing need for the extension of public water and sewer services throughout the state and that the extension of such services and facilities maintains the health and economic vitality of the citizens of West Virginia. In addition, access to such infrastructure facilities is equal essential to development in all regions of the state.

(b) The extension of public water and sewer services promotes public health and safety in that it enables businesses, residences, municipalities and other entities to comply with state and federal water quality standards.

(c) The cost of publicly owned sewer and water facilities are normally born by the state, its subdivisions and the citizens of West Virginia and public indebtedness incurred to construct such facilities constitutes a financial burden on the state and its political subdivisions, as well as residential consumers.

(d) The rates for public water and sewer services charged to customers of all service classes have risen in recent years due primarily to the cost of utility construction and the cost of debt service associated with such construction.

(e) There are private business entities that are in need of water and sewer services for various residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout the state and that those entities are willing to pay the cost associated with constructing needed public water and sewer services and to dedicate the facility to the local certificated public utility after construction of such facilities.

(f) Those private business entities need a method by which to enter into agreements with municipal utilities or public service districts that would enable the construction of new infrastructure as well as the expansion of existing facilities.

(g) The dedication of such infrastructure facilities to the local certificated public utility without cost greatly benefits the citizens of the state and promotes industrial, commercial and economic development.

§22-28-1. Legislative findings.

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