§22-5-7. Applications for injunctive relief.

The director may seek an injunction against any person in violation of any provision of this article or any permit, rule or order issued pursuant to this article or article one, chapter twenty-two-b of this code. In seeking an injunction, it is not necessary for the director to post bond nor to allege or prove at any stage of the proceeding that irreparable damage will occur if the injunction is not issued or that the remedy at law is inadequate. An application for injunctive relief brought under this section or for civil penalty brought under section six of this article may be filed and relief granted notwithstanding the fact that all administrative remedies provided in this article have not been exhausted or invoked against the person or persons against whom such relief is sought.

In any action brought pursuant to the provisions of section six or of this section, the state, or any agency of the state which prevails, may be awarded costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

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