§22A-2-59. First-aid equipment.

(a) Each operator of an underground coal mine shall maintain a supply of first-aid equipment at each of the following locations:

(1) At the mine dispatcher’s office and on the surface in close proximity to the mine entry.

(2) At the bottom of each regularly traveled slope or shaft; however, where the bottom of such slope or shaft is not more than one thousand feet from the surface, such first-aid supplies may be maintained on the surface at the entrance of the mine.

(3) At a point in each working section not more than five hundred feet outby the active working face or faces.

(b) The first-aid equipment required to be maintained shall include at least the following:

(1) One stretcher.

(2) One broken-back board.

(3) Twenty-four triangular bandages.

(4) Eight four-inch bandage compresses.

(5) Sixteen two-inch bandage compresses.

(6) Twelve one-inch adhesive compresses.

(7) One foille.

(8) Two cloth blankets.

(9) One rubber blanket.

(10) Two tourniquets.

(11) One one-ounce bottle of aromatic spirits of ammonia.

(12) Two inflatable plastic arm splints.

(13) Two inflatable plastic leg splints.

(14) Six small splints, metal or wooden.

(15) Two cold packs.

(16) One automated external defibrillator (AED) unit.

(c) All first-aid supplies required to be maintained under the section shall be stored in suitable sanitary, dust-tight, moisture-proof containers and such supplies shall be accessible to the miners.

(d) No first-aid material shall be removed or diverted without authorization, except in case of accident in or about the mine.

(e) On all occasions when a person becomes sick or injured underground to the extent that he or she must go to the surface, he or she shall be accompanied by one or more persons.

Bill History For §22A-2-59

1985 Regular Session
House Bill 1850