§22C-1-14. Use of funds by authority; restrictions thereon.

All moneys, properties and assets acquired by the authority, whether as proceeds from the sale of water development revenue bonds or as revenues or otherwise, shall be held by it in trust for the purposes of carrying out its powers and duties, and shall be used and reused in accordance with the purposes and provisions of this article. Such moneys shall at no time be commingled with other public funds. Such moneys, except as otherwise provided in any resolution authorizing the issuance of water development revenue bonds or in any trust agreement securing the same, or except when invested pursuant to section fifteen of this article, shall be kept in appropriate depositories and secured as provided and required by law. The resolution authorizing the issuance of such bonds of any issue or the trust agreement securing such bonds shall provide that any officer to whom, or any banking institution or trust company to which, such moneys are paid shall act as trustee of such moneys and hold and apply them for the purposes hereof, subject to the conditions this article and such resolution or trust agreement provide.

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