§22C-11-3. Expenses of commission; appropriation; officers and employees; meetings.

The commissioners shall be reimbursed, out of moneys appropriated for such purposes, all sums which they necessarily shall expend in the discharge of their duties as members of such commission.

There shall be appropriated to the commission out of any moneys in the State Treasury unexpended and available therefor, and not otherwise appropriated, such sums as may be necessary for the uses and purposes of the commission in carrying out the provisions of this article and the payment of the proper proportion of the State of West Virginia of the expenses of the "Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin," in accordance with article four of said compact.

The commission shall elect from its membership a chairman and may also select a secretary who need not be a member. The commission may employ such assistants as it may deem necessarily required, and the duties of such assistants shall be prescribed and their compensation fixed by the commission and paid out of the State Treasury out of funds appropriated for such purposes upon the requisition of said commission.

The commission shall meet at such times and places as agreed upon by the commissioners or upon call of its chairman.

§22C-11-3. Expenses of commission; appropriation; officers and employees; meetings.

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