§22C-12-3. Powers of commission; duties of state officers, departments, etc.; jurisdiction of circuit courts; enforcement of article.

There is hereby granted to the commission and commissioners thereof all the powers provided for in the said compact and all the powers necessary or incidental to the carrying out of said compact in every particular. All officers of this state are hereby authorized and directed to do all things falling within their respective provinces and jurisdiction necessary to or incidental to the carrying out of said compact in every particular; it being hereby declared to be the policy of this state to perform and carry out the said compact and to accomplish the purposes thereof. All officers, bureaus, departments and persons of and in the state government or administration of this state of West Virginia are hereby authorized and directed at convenient times and upon request of the said commission to furnish the said commission with information and data possessed by them or any of them and to aid said commission by loan of personnel or other means lying within their legal powers respectively.

The circuit courts of this state are hereby granted the jurisdiction specified in article nine of said compact, and the Attorney General or any other law-enforcing officer of this state is hereby granted the power to institute any action for the enforcement of the orders of the commission as specified in said article nine of the compact.

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