§23-1-17. Annual report by the Insurance Commissioner and Occupational Pneumoconiosis Board.

Annually, on or about September 15, in each year, the Insurance Commissioner and the Occupational Pneumoconiosis Board shall make a report as of June 30 addressed to the Governor, which shall include a statement of the causes of the injuries for which the awards were made, an explanation of the diagnostic techniques used by the Occupational Pneumoconiosis Board and all examining physicians to determine the presence of disease, the extent of impairment attributable thereto, a description of the scientific support for the diagnostic techniques and a summary of public and private research relating to problems and prevention of occupational diseases. The report shall include a detailed statement of all disbursements, and the condition of the fund, together with any specific recommendations for improvements in the Workers' Compensation law and for more efficient and responsive administration of the Workers' Compensation law, which the executive director considers appropriate. Copies of all annual reports shall be filed with the Secretary of State and shall be made available to the Legislature and to the public at large.

Bill History For §23-1-17

1991 Regular Session
Senate Bill 132
1974 Regular Session
House Bill 821
1969 Regular Session
House Bill 1040