§23-2-1a. Employees subject to chapter.

(a) Employees subject to this chapter are all persons in the service of employers, except those classified as an independent contractor pursuant to §21-5I-4 of this code, and employed by them for the purpose of carrying on the industry, business, service, or work in which they are engaged, including, but not limited to:

(1) Persons regularly employed in the state whose duties necessitate employment of a temporary or transitory nature by the same employer without the state;

(2) Every person in the service of the state or of any political subdivision or agency thereof, under any contract of hire, express or implied, and every appointed official or officer thereof while performing his or her official duties;

(3) Checkweighmen employed according to law;

(4) All members of rescue teams assisting in mine accidents with the consent of the owner who, in such case, shall be deemed the employer, or at the direction of the director of the department of mines;

(5) All forest firefighters who, under the supervision of the Director of the Division of Natural Resources or his or her designated representative, assist in the prevention, confinement, and suppression of any forest fire; and

(6) Students while participating in a work-based learning experience with an employer approved as a part of the curriculum by the county board. The county board shall be the employer of record of students while participating in unpaid work-based experiences off school premises with employers other than the county board. Students in unpaid work-based learning experiences shall be considered to be paid the amount of wages so as to provide the minimum workers’ compensation weekly benefits required by §23-4-6 of this code.

(b) The right to receive compensation under this chapter shall not be affected by the fact that a minor is employed or is permitted to be employed in violation of the laws of this state relating to the employment of minors, or that he or she obtained his or her employment by misrepresenting his or her age.

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