§23-2-9a. Sanctions for default by self-insured employers; rulemaking authority.

Whenever the authority of an employer to self-insure its obligations under this chapter is terminated and such employer is thereafter in default in the payment of any portion of surcharges or assessments required under this chapter or by rules promulgated thereunder, or in any payment required to be made as benefits provided by this chapter to the employer's injured employees or dependents of fatally injured employees, such employer shall be ineligible for government contracts to the same extent as an employer in "employer default," as provided for in section ten-a, article three, chapter five-a of this code, and shall also be subject to the license and permit revocation and termination sanctions to the same extent as employers in "employer default" pursuant to the provisions of subdivision (1), subsection (e), section nineteen, article two-c of this chapter. The Insurance Commissioner shall propose rules, as provided in section five, article two-c of this chapter, establishing administrative penalties for nonpayment of obligations under this chapter.

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