§23-2C-15. Mandatory coverage; changing of coverage.

(a) An employer may elect to purchase workers’ compensation insurance from another a private carrier licensed and otherwise authorized to transact workers’ compensation insurance in this state or (3) self-insure its obligations if it satisfies all requirements of this code to so self-insure and is permitted to do so. Private carriers are permitted to sell workers’ compensation insurance through licensed agents in the state. To the extent that a private carrier markets workers’ compensation insurance through a licensed agent, it is subject to all applicable provisions of Chapter 33 of this code.

(b) Every employer shall continuously post a notice upon its premises in a conspicuous place identifying its workers’ compensation insurer. The notice must include the name, business address, and telephone number of the insurer and of the person to contact with questions about a claim.

(c) Any rule promulgated by the Industrial Council empowering agencies of this state to revoke or refuse to grant, issue, or renew any contract, license, permit, certificate, or other authority to conduct a trade, profession, or business to or with any employer whose account is in default with regard to any liability under this chapter shall be fully enforceable by the Insurance Commissioner against the employer.

(d) Private carriers may cancel a policy upon the issuance of 30 days’ written advance notice to the policyholder and may refuse to renew a policy upon the issuance of 60 days’ written advance notice to the policyholder: Provided, That cancellation of the policy by the carrier for failure of consideration to be paid by the policyholder or for refusal to comply with a premium audit is effective after 10 days’ advance written notice of cancellation to the policyholder.

(e) Every private carrier shall notify the Insurance Commissioner as follows: (1) Of the issuance or renewal of insurance coverage, within 30 days of: (A) The effective date of coverage; or (B) the private carrier’s receipt of notice of the employer’s operations in this state, whichever is later; (2) of a termination of coverage by the private carrier due to refusal to renew or cancellation, at least 10 days prior to the effective date of the termination; and (3) of a termination of coverage by an employer, within 10 days of the private carrier’s receipt of the employer’s request for such termination; the notifications shall be on forms developed or in a manner prescribed by the Insurance Commissioner.

(f) For the purposes of §23-2C-15(d) and (e) of this code, the transfer of a policyholder between insurance companies within the same group is not considered a cancellation or refusal to renew a workers’ compensation insurance policy.