§27-6-1. Dissemination of information.

(a) The Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities shall, on or before August 1, 2015, post on its website suicide prevention awareness information, to include recognizing the warning signs of a suicide crisis. The website shall include information related to suicide prevention training opportunities offered by the bureau or an agency recognized by the bureau as a training provider.

(b) The bureau may assist the public middle and high school administrators in providing suicide prevention information to students in the public middle and high schools.

(c) The bureau shall annually review, for adequacy and completeness, the materials or programs posted on the websites of the institutions of higher education as required by section seven, article one-b, chapter eighteen-b of this code.

Bill History For §27-6-1

1965 Regular Session
House Bill 586
1955 Regular Session
House Bill 228
1949 Regular Session
Senate Bill 126