§29-1-4. Arts section; director.

The purposes and duties of the arts section are to stimulate, encourage, assist, promote, foster and develop the performing and creative arts and crafts in the state; and in furtherance thereof to make awards, prizes and grants to individual performers, artists or craftsmen and to public or private corporations or associations in the field of either the performing or creative arts and crafts that would tend to encourage and foster the advancement of such arts and crafts; to support cultural, artistic or craft exhibits or performances at the division's facilities or on tour; and to perform such other duties as may be assigned to said section by the commissioner.

With the advice and consent of the commission on the arts, the commissioner shall appoint a director of the arts section, who shall have: (1) A bachelor's degree in the fine arts or related field or equivalent training and experience; or (2) three years' experience in administration of the fine arts or a related field.

With the approval of the commissioner, the director shall establish professional positions within the section. The director shall employ the personnel within these professional positions for the section.

The director may propose rules for legislative promulgation, in accordance with the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, concerning the professional policies and functions of the arts section, subject to the approval of the commission on the arts.

Bill History For §29-1-4

1991 Regular Session
House Bill 2951
1977 First Special Session
Senate Bill 8
1972 Regular Session
Senate Bill 207