§29-1-6. Archives and history section; director.

(a) The purposes and duties of the archives and history section are to locate, survey, investigate, register, identify, preserve, protect, restore and recommend to the commissioner for acquisition documents and records having historical, evidential, administrative and/or legal value relating to the State of West Virginia and the territory included in the state from the earliest times to the present, upon its own initiative or in cooperation with any private or public society, organization or agency; to conduct a continuing survey and study throughout the state to develop a state plan to determine the needs and priorities for the preservation of the documents and records; to direct, protect, preserve, study and disseminate information on the documents and records; to provide matching grants to political subdivisions of this state to protect and preserve the documents and records; to operate and maintain a state library for the preservation of all public records, state papers, documents and reports of all three branches of state government including all boards, commissions, departments and agencies as well as any other private or public papers, books or documents of peculiar or historic interest or significance; to designate appropriate monuments, tablets or markers for historic, architectural and scenic sites within the state and to arrange for the purchase, replacement, care of and maintenance of the monuments, tablets and markers and to formulate and prepare suitable copy for them; to edit and publish a historical journal devoted to the history, biography, bibliography and genealogy of West Virginia; and to perform any other duties assigned to the section by the commissioner.

(b) With the advice and consent of the archives and history commission, the commissioner shall appoint a director of the archives and history section, who shall have: (1) A graduate degree in one of the social sciences, or equivalent training and experience in the field of West Virginia history, history, or in records, library or archives management; and (2) three years' experience in administration in the field of West Virginia history, history, or in records, library or archives management. Notwithstanding these qualifications, the person serving as the state historian and archivist on the date of enactment of this article is eligible for appointment as the director of the archives and history section. The director of the archives and history section shall serve as the state historian and archivist.

(c) With the approval of the commissioner, the director shall establish professional positions within the section and develop appropriate organizational structures to carry out the duties of the section. The director shall employ the personnel with applicable professional qualifications to fill positions within the organizational structure with the minimum professional qualifications. At the minimum, the following professions shall be represented within the section staff: Historian, archivist, librarian and technical and clerical positions as are required.

(d) The director shall promulgate rules with the approval of the archives and history commission and in accordance with chapter twenty-nine-a of this code concerning: (1) The professional policies and functions of the archives and history section; and (2) any other rules determined necessary to effectuate the purposes of this article.

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1991 Regular Session
House Bill 2951
1988 Regular Session
Senate Bill 267
1977 First Special Session
Senate Bill 8
1972 Regular Session
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