§29-1B-5. Function of commission.

It shall be the function of this commission:

(1) To carry forward the participation of this state as a member of the council of state governments.

(2) To encourage and assist the legislative, executive, administrative and judicial officials and employees of this state to develop and maintain friendly contact by correspondence, by conference, and otherwise, with officials and employees of the other states of the federal government, and of local units of government.

(3) To endeavor to advance cooperation between this state and other units of government whenever it seems advisable to do so by formulating proposals for, and by facilitating:

(a) The adoption of compacts,

(b) The enactment of uniform or reciprocal statutes,

(c) The adoption of uniform or reciprocal administrative rules and regulations,

(d) The informal cooperation of governmental offices with one another,

(e) The personal cooperation of governmental officials and employees with one another, individually,

(f) The institution and consummation of a federal long- range program of flood control, meeting the requirements of the federal flood control acts of one thousand nine hundred thirty- six or other acts of Congress relative thereto,

(g) The interchange and clearance of research and information, and

(h) Any other suitable process.

(4) To perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned to it by the Joint Committee on Government and Finance and to cooperate with the Joint Committee on Government and Finance in joint interim studies.

(5) In short, to do all such acts as will, in the opinion of this commission, enable this state to do its part, or more than its part, in forming a more perfect union among the various governments in the United States and in developing the council of state governments for that purpose.