§29-20-2. Powers and duties of commission.

It is the duty of the commission:

(a) To review and study the status of women in this state;

(b) To recommend methods of overcoming discrimination against women in public and private employment and in the exercise of their civil and political rights;

(c) To promote more effective methods for enabling women to develop their skills, to continue their education and to be retrained;

(d) To strengthen home life by directing attention to critical problems confronting women as wives, mothers, homemakers and workers;

(e) To make surveys in the fields of, but not limited to, education, social services, labor laws and employment policies, law enforcement, health, new and expanded services of benefit to women, legal rights, family relations and volunteer services;

(f) To secure appropriate recognition of women's accomplishments and contributions to this state;

(g) To disseminate information for the purpose of educating the public as to the existence and functions of the commission and as to matters of general beneficial interest to women; and

(h) To advise, consult and cooperate with other offices of the Department of Health and Human Resources and other agencies of state government, and to receive assistance therefrom, in the development of activities and programs of beneficial interest to women and on matters relating generally to women.

Bill History For §29-20-2

1991 Regular Session
House Bill 2809
1977 Regular Session
House Bill 1378