§29-21-7. Criminal law research center established; functions.

(a) Within the agency, there shall be a division known as the criminal law research center which may:

(1) Undertake research, studies and analyses and act as a central repository, clearinghouse and disseminator of research materials;

(2) Prepare and distribute a criminal law manual and other materials and establish and implement standard and specialized training programs for attorneys practicing criminal law;

(3) Provide and coordinate continuing legal education programs and services for attorneys practicing criminal law; and

(4) Prepare, supplement and disseminate indices and digests of decisions of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and other courts, statutes and other legal authorities relating to criminal law.

(b) The services of the criminal law research center shall be offered at reasonable rates or by subscription to prosecuting attorneys and their professional staffs, panel attorneys, and private attorneys engaged in the practice of criminal law. The services may be provided to public defender corporations, public defenders and assistant public defenders at reduced rates.

Bill History For §29-21-7

1990 Regular Session
House Bill 4254
1989 Regular Session
Senate Bill 231
1983 Regular Session
House Bill 1315
1981 Regular Session
Senate Bill 81