§29-22D-12. Operator duties; sports wagering operations at a licensed gaming facility.

(a) General. — All operators licensed under this article to conduct West Virginia Lottery sports wagering shall:

(1) Employ a monitoring system utilizing software to identify non-normal irregularities in volume or odds swings which could signal suspicious activities that should require further investigation which shall be immediately reported and investigated by the commission. System requirements and specifications shall be developed according to industry standards and implemented by the commission as part of the minimum internal control standards;

(2) Promptly report to the commission any facts or circumstances related to the operation of a West Virginia Lottery sports wagering licensee which constitute a violation of state or federal law and immediately report any suspicious betting over a threshold set by the operator that has been approved by the commission to the appropriate state or federal authorities;

(3) Conduct all sports wagering activities and functions in a manner which does not pose a threat to the public health, safety, or welfare of the citizens of this state and does not adversely affect the security or integrity of the West Virginia Lottery;

(4) Hold the commission and this state harmless from and defend and pay for the defense of any and all claims which may be asserted against a licensee, the commission, the state, or employees thereof, arising from the licensee’s actions or omission while acting as an agent of the commission operating West Virginia Lottery sports wagering pursuant to this article;

(5) Assist the commission in maximizing sports wagering revenues; and

(6) Keep current in all payments and obligations to the commission.

(b) Duties. — All West Virginia Lottery sports wagering licensees shall:

(1) Acquire West Virginia Lottery sports wagering gaming equipment by purchase, lease, or other assignment and provide a secure location for the placement, operation, and play of sports wagering gaming equipment;

(2) Prevent any person from tampering with or interfering with the operation of any West Virginia Lottery sports wagering;

(3) Ensure that West Virginia Lottery sports wagering conducted at a gaming facility is within the sight and control of designated employees of the licensee and such wagering at the facility or otherwise available by the licensee is conducted under continuous observation by security equipment in conformity with specifications and requirements of the commission;

(4) Ensure that West Virginia Lottery sports wagering occurs only in the specific locations within designated gaming areas approved by the commission or using a commission approved mobile application or other digital platform that utilizes communications technology to accept wagers originating within this state, or on a sports wagering device. West Virginia Lottery sports wagering shall only be relocated or offered in additional authorized manners in accordance with the rules of the commission;

(5) Maintain sufficient cash and other supplies to conduct sports wagering at all times; and

(6) Maintain daily records showing the gross sports wagering receipts and adjusted gross sports wagering receipts of the licensee from West Virginia Lottery sports wagering and shall timely file with the commission any additional reports required by rule or by other provisions of this code.

§29-22D-12. Operator duties; sports wagering operations at a licensed gaming facility.

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