§29-22D-17. West Virginia Lottery Sports Wagering Fund; distribution of funds.

(a) The special fund in the State Treasury known as the West Virginia Lottery Sports Wagering Fund is hereby created and all moneys collected under this article by the commission shall be deposited with the State Treasurer to the West Virginia Lottery Sports Wagering Fund. The fund shall be an interest-bearing account with all interest or other return earned on the money of the fund credited to and deposited in the fund. All expenses of the commission incurred in the administration and enforcement of this article shall be paid from the sports wagering fund pursuant to §29-22D-17(b) of this code.

(b) The commission shall deduct an amount sufficient to reimburse its actual costs and expenses incurred in administering sports wagering at licensed gaming facilities from the gross deposits into the sports wagering fund. The amount remaining after the deduction for administrative expenses is the net profit.

(1) Administrative allowance. — The commission shall retain up to 15 percent of gross deposits for the fund operation and its administrative expenses: Provided, That in the event that the percentage allotted for operations and administration generates a surplus, the surplus shall be allowed to accumulate but may not exceed $250,000. On a monthly basis, the director shall report any surplus in excess of $250,000 to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance and remit the entire amount of those surplus funds in excess of $250,000 to the State Treasurer which shall be allocated as net profit.

(2) Distribution of net profit. — In each fiscal year, net profit shall be deposited into the State Lottery Fund created by §29-22-18 of this code until a total of $15 million is deposited; thereafter, the remainder shall be deposited into the Public Employees Insurance Agency Financial Stability Fund to stabilize and preserve the future solvency of PEIA, and such amount may not be included in the calculation of any plan year aggregate premium cost-sharing percentages between employers and employees.

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