§29-22D-7. Management services providers; license requirements.

(a) License. — The holder of a license to operate West Virginia Lottery sports wagering may contract with an entity to conduct that operation in accordance with the regulations of the commission. That entity shall obtain a license as a management services provider prior to the execution of any such contract, and such license shall be issued pursuant to the provisions of this article and any regulations promulgated by the commission.

(b) License qualifications and fee. — Each applicant for a management services provider license shall meet all requirements for licensure and pay a nonrefundable license and application fee of $1,000. The commission may adopt rules establishing additional requirements for an authorized management services provider. The commission may accept licensing by another jurisdiction, that it specifically determines to have similar licensing requirements, as evidence the applicant meets authorized management services provider licensing requirements.

(c) Renewal. — Management services provider licenses shall be renewed annually to any licensee who continues to be in compliance with all requirements and who pays the annual renewal fee of $1,000.

(d) Any entity or individual who shares in revenue, including any affiliate operating under a revenue share agreement, shall be licensed under this section.

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