§29-22D-9. Occupational licenses.

(a) All persons employed to be engaged directly in sports wagering-related activities, or otherwise conducting or operating sports wagering, shall be licensed by the commission and maintain a valid occupational license at all times and the commission shall issue such license to be employed in the operation of sports wagering to a person who meets the requirements of this section.

(b) An occupational license to be employed by a gaming facility with West Virginia Lottery sports wagering permits the licensee to be employed in the capacity designated by the commission while the license is still active. The commission may establish, by rule, job classifications with different requirements to recognize the extent to which a particular job has the ability to impact the proper operation of West Virginia Lottery sports wagering.

(c) Application and fee. — Applicants shall submit any required application forms established by the commission and pay a nonrefundable application fee of $100. The fee may be paid on behalf of an applicant by the employer.

(d) Renewal fee and form. — Each licensed employee shall pay to the commission an annual license fee of $100 by June 30 of each year. The fee may be paid on behalf of the licensed employee by the employer. In addition to a renewal fee, each licensed employee shall annually submit a renewal application on the form required by the commission.

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