§29-25-19. Consent to presence of law-enforcement officers; wagering limits; operations and services; posting of betting limits.

(a) Consent to presence of law-enforcement officers. -- Any individual entering the gaming facility shall be advised by the posting of a notice or other suitable means of the possible presence of state, county or municipal law-enforcement officers and by entering the gaming facility impliedly consents to the presence of the law-enforcement officers.

(b) Commission discretion in gaming operations. –– Video lottery terminals operated at the gaming facility may allow minimum and maximum wagers on a single game the amounts determined by the license in the exercise of its business judgment subject to the approval of the commission.

(1) Subject to the approval of the commission, the gaming facility licensee shall, with respect to West Virginia Lottery table games, establish the following:

(A) Maximum and minimum wagers;

(B) Advertising and promotional activities;

(C) Hours of operation;

(D) The days during which games may be played; and

(2) The commission may consider multiple factors, including, but not limited to, industry standards, outside competition and any other factors as determined by the commission to be relevant in its decision to approve the gaming facility's determination of those items listed in subdivision (1) of this subsection.

(c) Setting of operations. -– Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained elsewhere in this chapter, the commission may establish the following parameters for commission regulated lottery games of any kind which is played at a licensed gaming facility:

(1) Minimum and maximum payout percentages;

(2) Any probability limits of obtaining the maximum payout for a particular play; and

(3) Limitations on the types and amounts of financial transactions, including extension of credit to a patron, which a gaming facility can enter into with its patrons.

(d) Posting of betting limits. -- A gaming facility shall conspicuously post a sign at each West Virginia Lottery table game indicating the permissible minimum and maximum wagers pertaining at that table. A gaming facility licensee may not require any wager to be greater than the stated minimum or less than the stated maximum. However, any wager actually made by a patron and not rejected by a gaming facility licensee prior to the commencement of play shall be treated as a valid wager.

§29-25-19. Consent to presence of law-enforcement officers; wagering limits; operations and services; posting of betting limits.