§29-25-26. Forfeiture of property.

(a) Anything of value, including all traceable proceeds including, but not limited to, real and personal property, moneys, negotiable instruments, securities and conveyances, is subject to forfeiture to the State of West Virginia if the item was used for any of the following:

(1) As a bribe intended to affect the outcome of a West Virginia Lottery table game in a gaming facility; or

(2) In exchange for or to facilitate a violation of this article.

(b) The Legislature finds and declares that the seizure and sale of items under the provisions of this section is not contemplated to be a forfeiture as that term is used in section five, article XII of the Constitution of West Virginia and, to the extent that a seizure and sale may be found to be a forfeiture, the Legislature hereby finds and declares that the proceeds from a seizure and sale under this article are not part of net proceeds as it is contemplated by section five, article XII of the Constitution of West Virginia.

(c) Subsection (a) of this section does not apply if the act or omission which would give rise to the forfeiture was committed or omitted without knowledge or consent of the owner of the property to be forfeited.