§29-2A-11b. Preliminary analysis of breath to determine alcoholic content of blood.

When a law-enforcement officer has reason to believe a person has committed an offense prohibited by section eleven of this article, the law-enforcement officer may require such person to submit to a preliminary breath analysis for the purpose of determining such person's blood alcohol content. Such breath analysis must be administered as soon as possible after the law-enforcement officer has a reasonable belief that the person has been operating an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs. Any preliminary breath analysis required under this section must be administered with a device and in a manner approved by the bureau of public health for that purpose. The results of a preliminary breath analysis shall be used solely for the purpose of guiding the officer in deciding whether an arrest should be made. When an operator is arrested following a preliminary breath analysis, the tests as hereinafter provided in this article shall be administered in accordance with the provisions thereof.

Bills Affecting §29-2A-11B

2019 Regular Session: SB562
2017 Regular Session: HB2717
2017 Regular Session: SB414
1995 Regular Session: SB141
1995 Regular Session: HB2232
1995 Regular Session: SB383
1994 Regular Session: HB4426