§29-2A-5. Director of aeronautics; appointment, qualifications, compensation, powers and duties; staff.

(a)  A director of aeronautics shall be appointed by the commission, with the advice and consent of the Secretary of Transportation, who shall serve for an indefinite term at the pleasure of the commission. The director shall be appointed with due regard to his or her fitness as an administrator. The director shall devote his or her time to the duties of his or her office as required and prescribed by this article and may not have any pecuniary interest in, or any stock in, or bonds of, any civil aeronautical enterprise. The Secretary of Transportation, in consultation with the commission, shall determine the director’s compensation. The compensation shall conform in general to the compensation received by persons occupying positions of similar importance and responsibility with other agencies of this state. The director’s compensation may not be paid, in whole or in part, from grant funds received by the commission.  The director shall be reimbursed for all traveling and other expenses incurred by him or her in the discharge of his or her official duties in accordance with state travel rules. The director shall be the executive officer of the commission and under its supervision shall administer the provisions of this article and the rules and orders established thereunder and all applicable laws of the state. The director shall attend, but not vote, at all meetings of the commission. The director serves as the secretary of the commission and is in charge of its offices and responsible to the commission for the preparation of reports and the collection and dissemination of data and other public information relating to aeronautics. At the direction of the commission, the director is authorized to execute contracts entered into by the commission which are legally authorized and for which funds are provided in any state or federal appropriations act.

(b)  The commission may, by written order filed in its office, delegate to the director any of the powers or duties vested or imposed upon it by this article. Any delegated powers and duties may be exercised by the director in the name of the commission. The commission may also employ any necessary administrative, engineering, technical, and clerical staff.  

§29-2A-5. Director of aeronautics; appointment, qualifications, compensation, powers and duties; staff.

Bills Affecting §29-2A-5

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