§29-31-5. Employees.

(a) The State Resiliency Officer shall have the power to hire, administer, and manage employees necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.

(1) All employees will be exempt from both the classified services category and the classified-exempt services category as set forth in §29-6-4 of this code.

(2) Employee positions are contingent upon the receipt of the necessary federal and/or state funds.

(3) Each employee hired shall be deemed an at-will employee who may be discharged or released from his or her respective position without cause or reason.

(4) Employees may participate in the PEIA, PERS, and workers' compensation and unemployment compensation programs, or their equivalents. Public safety-related positions will continue to require dual status membership as outlined in §15-1B-26 of this code.

(5) All employees and officers of the State Resiliency Office who are entrusted with funds or property shall execute surety bonds.

(b) The State Resiliency Officer will set appropriate salary rates for employees equivalent to a competitive wage rate necessary to support a specific mission.

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