§29-6-14. Certification of payrolls; wrongfully withholding certification of payroll.

(a) No state disbursing or auditing officer shall make or approve or take any part in making or approving any payment for personal service to any person holding a position in the classified service unless the payroll voucher or account of such pay bears the certification of the director, or of his authorized agent, that the persons named therein have been appointed and employed in accordance with the provisions of this article and the rules, regulations and orders thereunder. The director may for proper cause withhold certification from an entire payroll or from any specific item or items thereon. The director may, however, provide that certification of payrolls may be made once every six months, and such certification shall remain in effect except in the case of any officer or employee whose status has changed after the last certification of his payroll. In the latter case no voucher for payment of salary to such employee shall be issued or payment of salary made without further certification by the director.

(b) If the director wrongfully withholds certification of the payroll voucher or account of any employee, such employee may maintain a proceeding in the courts to compel the director to certify such payroll voucher or account.

§29-6-14. Certification of payrolls; wrongfully withholding certification of payroll.

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