§29-6-24. Posting of job openings.

(a) Whenever a job opening occurs within the classified service, the appointing authority shall, in addition to any other requirement of law or regulation for the posting of job opening notices, at least ten days before making an appointment to fill the job opening, post a notice within the building or facility where the duties of the job will be performed and throughout the agency, which notice states that a job opening has occurred and describes the duties to be performed by a person employed in that position.

(b) If an individual selected for a posted vacancy within the first ten work days of employment: (1) Refuses the offer of employment; (2) fails to report to work; or (3) resigns or otherwise separates from employment, the appointing authority is not required to repost the vacancy prior to another appointment to the position if the appointment is made within thirty days and the selection is made from the pool of eligible applicants from which the first employee was hired.

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