§29A-2-7. Publication of State Register.

(a) The Legislature intends that the Secretary of State offer to the public access to the State Register and Code of State Rules. The State Register, the Code of State Rules and other documents produced by the Secretary of State's office shall be available in electronic format on the Secretary of State's website.

(b) All materials filed in the State Register shall be indexed as quickly as possible in chronological order of filing with a brief description of the item filed and a columnar cross index to:

(1) Agency;

(2) Code citation to which it relates and by which it is filed in the State Register; and

(3) Other information in the description or cross index as the Secretary of State believes will aid a person in using the index.

(c) The Secretary of State shall post on the website with each update of the Code of State Rules, a copy of the rule monitor and its cross index which shows the rules that have become effective, and a table showing rules which are out for public comment, and agency-approved, modified and emergency rules.

(d) The Secretary of State may propose rules for legislative approval, in accordance with the provisions of article three of this chapter, to change the procedures outlined in this section.

(e) One half of all the fees and amounts collected for the sale of the State Register, the Code of State Rules and other copies or data provided by the Secretary of State shall be deposited in the State General Revenue Fund and one half of the fees in the service fees and collections account established in accordance with subsection (f), section two, article one, chapter fifty-nine of this code for the operations of the office of the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall dedicate sufficient resources from that fund or other funds to provide the services required in this article.

(f) A person who is unable to access electronic versions of documents may review the documents at the office of the Secretary of State, or may request a printed copy at a cost which is sufficient, in the judgment of the Secretary of State, to defray the expenses of publication, including labor, paper and postage: Provided, That the Secretary of State may waive the fee.