§29A-3A-15. Withdrawal or modification of proposed rules.

(a) Any legislative rule proposed by the board may be withdrawn any time before passage of a law authorizing or authorizing and directing its promulgation, but no such action shall be construed to affect the validity, force or effect of a law enacted authorizing or authorizing and directing the promulgation of an authorized legislative rule or exercising compliance with such law. The board shall file a notice of any such action in the state register.

(b) At any time before a proposed legislative rule has been submitted by the Legislative Oversight commission on education accountability to the Legislature pursuant to the provisions of section thirteen of this article, the board may modify the proposed rule to meet the objections of the commission. The board shall file in the state register a notice of its modifying action including a copy of the modified rule, but shall not be required to comply with any provisions of this article requiring opportunity for public comment or taking of evidence with respect to such modification. If a legislative rule has been withdrawn, modified and then resubmitted to such commission, the rule shall be considered to have been submitted to such commission on the date of such resubmission.

Bill History For §29A-3A-15

1988 Third Special Session
Senate Bill 14