§29A-3A-5. Filing of proposed procedural rules and interpretive rules.

(a) When the board proposes a procedural rule or an interpretive rule, the agency shall file in the state register a notice of its action, including the text of the rule as proposed.

(b) All proposed rules filed under subsection (a) of this section shall have a fiscal note attached itemizing the cost of implementing the rules as they relate to this state and to persons affected by the rules and regulations. Such fiscal note shall include all information included in a fiscal note for either house of the Legislature and a statement of the economic impact of the rule on the state or its residents. The objectives of the rules shall be clearly and separately stated in the fiscal note by the agency issuing the proposed rules. No procedural or interpretive rule shall be void or voidable by virtue of noncompliance with this subsection.

§29A-3A-5. Filing of proposed procedural rules and interpretive rules.

Bill History For §29A-3A-5

1988 Third Special Session
Senate Bill 14