§3-1-2. Scope of chapter; definitions.

Unless restricted by the context, the provisions of this chapter shall apply to every general, primary and special election in which candidates are nominated or elected or in which voters pass upon any public question submitted to them, except that the provisions hereof shall be construed to be operative in municipal elections only in those instances in which they are made expressly so applicable.

Unless the context clearly requires a different meaning, as herein used:

"Voter" shall mean any person who possesses the statutory and Constitutional qualifications for voting;

"Election" shall mean the procedure whereby the voters of this state or any subdivision thereof elect persons to fill public offices, or elect members of a Constitutional convention, or vote on public questions;

"Any election" or "all elections" shall include every general, primary, or special election held in this state, or in any of its subdivisions, for the purpose of nominating or electing federal or state officers, or county, city, town or village officers of any subdivision now existing or hereafter created, or for the purpose of electing members of a Constitutional convention, or for voting upon any public question submitted to the people of the state or any of the aforesaid subdivisions;

"Office" shall be construed to mean "public office" which shall include (1) any elective office provided for by the Constitution or laws of the United States or of this state to which a salary or other compensation attaches, and (2) membership in a Constitutional convention;

"Candidate" shall mean any person to be voted for at an election;

"Public question" shall mean any issue or proposition, now or hereafter required by the governing body of this state or any of its subdivisions to be submitted to the voters of the state or subdivision for decision at elections;

The term "minor" as used in article four, section one of the state Constitution and as used in this chapter shall mean a person who has not become eighteen years of age.

Bill History For §3-1-2

1971 Regular Session
House Bill 795
1965 Regular Session
House Bill 862
1963 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2